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One of the greatest innovations that we had in the prop shop at the Public was when we introduced the concierge bell. Inexplicably, we had 10 of them in prop storage, so we installed them on each work table in … Continue reading

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set ups

So theres a really exciting post coming soon about some of the AMAZING things coming out of the prop shop over at the Public (we’re in Shakespeare in the Park Crazy), but in the meantime… I was trolling the internet … Continue reading

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Fake Books Out Of Real Paper

It is so rare in props that you end up making the same thing on 2 different shows. Sure, there are some old standards: knives that bleed so that it looks like someone is getting cut, wine, breakaway bottles etc, … Continue reading

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Vice Squad

So, one of the things that made Bloody Bloody such a fun show to prop was how much of the props and set dressing were related to sex, drugs, alcohol, and general vice, evil and political commentary. Here are some … Continue reading

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A Postcard from Bloody Bloody

Dear Mom and Dad, I love my job because I get to work with animals! I get to make little dioramas with them: I get to dress them in costumes: I get to hang them in funny places: I get … Continue reading

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Poetic Justice

Ok, so one of the things about shopping for a living is that you really feel it when you are stuck working on the crap shopping days.  I somehow have the ability to ALWAYS do this. Like, I always end … Continue reading

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