Thefiveeleven  Dream Lot Competition
It had been there for over 150 years.
A brick house, ordinary looking until it became the last relic of a time long past. It was a home to families, a headquarters for a contracting company, the site of a murder. Finally, falling into abandonment and ultimate foreclosure, it inevitably is on its way to being an ugly new condo.
So, before that happens let us dream what could go into its place.
Thefiveleven Dream Lot competition:
Imagine something to go into the recently cleared lot at 511 lafayette ave Brooklyn NY.
Submissions can be presented in any form the submitter prefers: drawings, an essay, a haiku, a note on a napkin.
The more creative the better! A giant terrarium? A room filled with monkeys at typewriters?
The top submissions  will be presented on the thefiveeleven Instagram and blog. If you send written ideas we may flesh them out with drawings and images — happy to collaborate with you to present them! Send me a note, and I will draw it!
Ideal submissions will take into account the surrounding neighborhood, the building that was there and its history, and/or the future of such spaces.
Email submissions to
Good luck

About meredithries

Meredith is a set designer living in Brooklyn, NY. See her work at: This is a repurposed old blog. Because continuity is important. Malaprop is a malapropism
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