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One of the greatest innovations that we had in the prop shop at the Public was when we introduced the concierge bell. Inexplicably, we had 10 of them in prop storage, so we installed them on each work table in … Continue reading

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Through Clenched Teeth.

So folks, the good news is that I have learned to talk through my wired jaw. For a while there I was communicating exclusively on a series of reporters notebooks that I kept in my back pocket, wrote comments on … Continue reading

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The Last Straw.

Ok, so, I’ve been drinking all of my nourishment for the past 3 weeks. What of it? Understandably, I have come up with some very strong views on straws. So, straw designers, listen up! I mean, lets start with the … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Open, Jaws Clamped Shut

Hello! So, after my last sign-off post, it was kind of hard to figure out what to say next. I am no longer working as a prop person, and I had kind of come up with a semi-dramatic exit… But, … Continue reading

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