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So theres a really exciting post coming soon about some of the AMAZING things coming out of the prop shop over at the Public (we’re in Shakespeare in the Park Crazy), but in the meantime…

I was trolling the internet recently and found this photography series by Innes Gennuso, an Edinburgh-based photographer. In addition to being a performance photographer, Gennuso has an incredible series of photographs of empty sets.

The sets feel haunted and strange, abstract worlds missing something really important. They remind me of why sets are only part of a production: they are the forum for an event; so without the event itself, really successful sets feel like half-places.

Of course, us theater-folk spend lots of time on empty sets, or shows in the middle of production. In fact, I have spent very little time on sets of shows that are “complete” (ie, open).

I know this makes me a complete theater nerd, but I love being on unfinished sets. I like the weird clanking sounds of light hangs, the trash that accumulates on stages during builds, the little glowing screens and the weird tense atmosphere during tech.

So I find myself photographing sets at these moments. Here are a few recent ones:

Mike Daisey’s Last Cargo Cult at the Public

Looking for Billy Haines, at the Lion Theater (during the build)

Animals Out of Paper, Second Stage Uptown, during tech (thats a stage manager checking her preset garbage)

Mr and Mrs Fitch, Second Stage Theater, during tech.


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Meredith is a set designer living in Brooklyn, NY. See her work at: This is a repurposed old blog. Because continuity is important. Malaprop is a malapropism
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