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I can gather all the news I need from the Weather Report

So, I have to say, newspapers are an incredibly difficult prop. When I saw the script for Mr and Mrs Fitch, which is about gossip columnists manipulating the headlines I thought to myself “those newspapers are going to be a … Continue reading

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A Litte More About Fred

Ok, so, I’ve been busy working so I’m sure we will return to the actual business of this blog soon, and I will write more, but I wanted to say a little more about the video of Putting on the … Continue reading

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I have the best job ever sometimes

Oh man. I have the best job ever sometimes. I am researching a set and I have been looking at a lot of Fred Astaire videos. Best. Job. Ever. Anyways, I came across this gem which I had not seen … Continue reading

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“of course Berlin theater is about walls…”

… I thought as the lights came up on yet more people scribbling on the white walls of the set for Heart of Darkness (Herz de Finsternis) at the Deutsches Theater. This was before they lowered the 30-foot tall skeleton … Continue reading

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trans contintental

hello! i just spent more hours than i want to think about flying to berlin, with an incredibly lengthy stopover in copenhagen. At some point i was crazed on the across-the-atlantic-plane and watching “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” — featuring my possibly … Continue reading

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