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The hardest props in the world are often the ones that seem the most manageable. Things that appear all the time in our everyday lives: books, backpacks, newspapers, cardboard boxes. People LOVE using boxes in plays. I guess it makes … Continue reading

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food porn.

I really love watching food onstage, in movies, on tv, in magazines. Its totally pornographic the way that our culture approaches depictions of food — from the now-defunct Gourmet magazine (RIP), to the sporting-event-like cooking shows on the Food Network, … Continue reading

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fun theory

well, you can tell I haven’t been working a lot, because this is about to veer away from props to a certain extent. VW has this pretty adorable “fun theory” campaign going on, where they make tasks like recycling and … Continue reading

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thank you googlemaps

I LOVE the local search on googlemaps. Today, I loved it a little bit more, when searching for an emergency coffee table, and trying to find all the furniture stores in chinatown. Hate it when a store that has gone … Continue reading

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“I don’t shop for a living. I WORK” volume 3

see volume 1 and volume 2 ALLENTOWN TOY Ok, so this one isn’t in New York, but it is another one of my all time favorites. Allentown Toy is a carnival toy manufacturing company in Allentown, PA (I know, go … Continue reading

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to the lost props

One of the things that is totally true about being a props master is that 80% of what we do is thrown out. Usually, in fact, its the most difficult or time consuming props that are thrown by the wayside … Continue reading

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