” don’t shop for a living. I WORK” volume 2.


As a props master, eyewear generally doesn’t fall into our purview. Usually its costumes/warddrobe’s problem. Unless, of course, the play is set at an opticians, or there are eyeglasses that are worn and taken off… then they become props. Kind of.

Anyways, I ended up at fab fannys when I was doing wardrobe for a movie and we needed vintage 80s eyeglasses. The place is like a treasure trove. You know every cute girl you see on the street in Brooklyn with awesome kind of dorky vintage eyeglasses? Odds are she didn’t find them in her grandmothers closet or at a random thrift store in Oregon. She bought them here.

fab fannys 1

Organized like a regular opticians (with the drawers full of frames), this tiny store has an incredible selection. More importantly, much like the Main Squeeze, they are run by people who are passionate about what they do, and have a sense of humor about it. Also, they are super performance-friendly. If you are working on theater or a film, you can take up to 10 pairs on fittings. They also do rentals for photo shoots.

And its not just hip 80s eyewear. Check out these 1880s goggles!

fab fannys 2

I’ll be getting my steampunk frames here.


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Meredith is a set designer living in Brooklyn, NY. See her work at: www.meredithries.com This is a repurposed old blog. Because continuity is important. Malaprop is a malapropism
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